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Vrbo Traveler Rental Agreement

(ii) “rights granted”: a non-exclusive, free, transferable and irrevocable license for the duration of their publication of content on the website or in other media, in accordance with this agreement, to be reproduced, translated, distributed, published, displayed and implemented. At our request, each member undertakes to provide us with immediate proof of personal identification, proof that the condition, location or amenities related to the property are accurately described in the list, proof of ownership of the property mentioned on the site and/or proof of permission to list the property. If you are a tenant listing a house, condo or apartment, please contact your rental agreement or lease, or contact your landlord before listing the property to determine if your rental or contract agreement contains restrictions that would limit your ability to list your room, home, condo or apartment. The list of your home may constitute a violation of your lease or contract and may result in legal action against you by your landlord, including the possible evacuation. No member may ask a traveller to send cash or use a cash transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram as a means of payment for all or part of a real estate rental allowance. Violations of this or other unacceptable payment methods that may be published on the website may lead to the non-compliant list being immediately removed from the Site without the Member`s notice and without refund. From time to time, we may draw attention to users who are attempting to complete a transaction that would involve an unauthorized payment method or a fraudulent payment method. Ideally, we hope to be able to help users avoid such transactions, but we assume no responsibility or responsibility for doing so or informing users of such actual or suspected activity. In accepting the arbitration procedure under the AAA rules, the parties agree, among other things, that the arbitrator, not a federal, regional or local court or agency, has the exclusive power to rule on objections to the existence, scope or validity of the arbitration agreement, or on the arbitration of a claim or counterclaim. The search order varies based on a wide range of factors such as search settings, the level of subscription purchased, the quality of the list, the number of calendar updates, travel settings, member response time, booking history, online booking capacity, compliance with booking requirements, and other factors that we believe to be important from time to time for the user experience (“Best Match”). The list of appearance or order in a particular search result may vary depending on the search criteria of the traveller concerned. We reserve the right to use different search algorithms or use methods to optimize Best Match results for certain travel experiences and the entire market.

Offers that are not without subscription, z.B. Pay-per-Booking, may not always be displayed in search results. Offers on third-party sites are not guaranteed on such a third-party website in a certain order or in general.


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