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Microsoft Campus Agreement Formula

The TDR calculation is used to determine the number of licenses your institution has for the Microsoft EES and Adobe ETLA licensing agreements. Use the following formula to calculate your FTEs. The media are made available electronically to campus administrators and IT support staff. The faculty and staff can ask their support staff for help. Students can purchase media at the Rensselaer Computer Repair Centre (RCR). These two have identical characteristics. The difference lies in the minimum desktop operating system required for an upgrade. Education requires at least Home Edition, Enterprise requires professional publishing. We recommend the education version for campus users. In this case, product licenses for these institutions would be based on 800 TDR employees. When an institution has more than 200 full-time teachers, 300 part-time faculties, 300 full-time workers and 400 part-time employees, the number of TDR employees is calculated as follows: The software sold under license mSCA included Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office and Visual Studio versions. NET suite of development tools. The number of skilled workers is a key factor in determining the cost of registering for the MCCA UC for faculty and staff products.

For the most part, each faculty and staff member in a department is considered knowledge workers. The typical result is that the number of skilled workers corresponds to the number of employees, although this will not be the case in all circumstances. There are certain categories of faculties and employees that do not need to be included in the number of knowledge workers, as shown below. Full-time faculty – (part-time faculty ÷ 3) – full-time staff (part-time staff ÷ 2) All except computers for the use of external contractors. Our MCA replaces the need to buy desktop operating systems for our PCs? If the computer arrived without Windows preinstalled or if the version is too old to qualify (z.B. Windows XP), you must purchase a full version of Windows for the computer before using the upgrade license in accordance with the Microsoft Campus agreement. (Windows Vista Home Edition is the most cost-effective version of qualifying versions.) To calculate the number of “full-time equivalent” employees, please use the registration form for microsoft Campus Agreement. No, our Microsoft Campus agreement does not provide desktop windows operating system licenses; The volume license only provides Windows upgrade licenses. Before you acquire an upgrade license for the desktop pc windows operating system through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, you must first have a full qualified desktop operating system, usually purchased with your PC. An upgrade license is used on an authorized system for a qualifying version of the product. The license under the Microsoft Campus agreement “updates” the license already available to the computer. The upgrade license cannot be used without a license for a previously configured qualifying version.

The Rensselaer Microsoft Campus agreement provides participants with software licenses for Microsoft productivity tools and desktop operating system updates. Cost savings are significant compared to other licensing channels, and coverage applies to all computerized services, including classroom and laboratory workstations. An application form is available. No no. Microsoft allows registration by department, but each member of the unit is included. They should not selectively exclude people within the department.


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