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The Dollis Hill Sessions #01: Pleistocene is coming

Let me sort out the facts first:

1. The group currently known as Pleistocene has been formed only a few weeks ago but is has already undergone several name changes. Therefore some people may know it as Goldman Sachs or Eyjafjallajökull or Bad Combustion, or something completely different altogether. With their fluid ever-changing name, the band is hoping to be a moving target – harder to hit by all those reckless music press critics, as well as virtually untraceable on the internet social media sites.

2. The band’s member list is fixed however – the group consists of Kuba Kristo (Villa Rosa, Crashed Disco Balls, among others), plus the team behind The Rats of Ether and Nie Wszystko Na Raz radio shows – Mateusz Kraszewski and Paweł Piechowicz.

3. The band’s musical style spans every possible genre – from sentimental kitsch love songs, through reggae and dub, stadium rock, easy listening, avant-pop to kosmic eco-punk and noise. Their texts remain challenging and politically engaged.

The time has come now to share with you some images and sounds from the band’s session which was organized on the bank holiday weekend in May in bottomlayer’s Dollis Hill headquarters in London, and which turned out to be surprisingly prolific. Here is a taster of what has been happening…

Some exclusive recordings from the session will also appear here very soon, so watch out!


2 comments for “The Dollis Hill Sessions #01: Pleistocene is coming”

  1. soon there will be a myspace page with some music from the band! 22.08 – gig in Zurich!

    Posted by kuba | August 12, 2010, 12:18
  2. […] You can read more about the performing artists here: Crashed Disco Balls Prawatt Pleistocene […]

    Posted by bottomlayer | Danziger Elektrizität 2010 – feel the heat of the Zurich night | September 17, 2010, 00:39

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