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Taking “Cholewa” to a new level

When the first edition of “Cholewa” [1] was prepared back in 2008, we were so pressed for time that only simple black and white illustrations were an option. The available printing process was also quite limiting.

Therefore, immediately after producing the book (and shortly before giving it away to the author of the story), absolutely awed by the graphic potential of the text, we decided with Pauline that “Cholewa” deserves some further attention and a proper, bolder publication. That’s when we promised ourselves we’ll return to this project when the right time comes.

Which has just happened, as Mateusz Kraszewski has finally come up with a decent English translation of the story (originally written in Polish)! The task wasn’t an easy one, with the native text full of abstract forms and unexpected twists of meanings. Yet Mateusz somehow managed to transfer most of the original paranoia into the English version and avoid nasty lingual pitfalls.

Subsequently, we made a decision to transfer all the illustrations to colour and currently we’re in the process of doing it. We won’t reveal to you too much at once, so here’s just a snippet to give some idea of the direction we’re heading in.

Expect some more news on this front very soon! If everything goes smooth, the book, now as “Mr Bootleg”, should be coming out sometime late spring 2010, published obviously by our in-house bottomlayer label. Fingers crossed, this time it will be an edition of more than one…

Read more about the first edition of “Cholewa” from 2008 » [1]