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Danziger Elektrizität 2010 – feel the heat of the Zurich night

The first edition of Danziger Elektrizität, a micro-festival of new Polish electronic music organized by Kuba Kristo and bottomlayer, took place on 22 August 2010 in the famous BINZ squat in Zurich, Switzerland and featured a beautiful line-up of three experimental-electro-noise bands from the city of Gdańsk: Crashed Disco Balls, Prawatt and Pleistocene. Now finally, thanks to the invaluable work of Jachi from the Prawatt team who provided us with some of his video footage, we are able to release this short documentary to give you a feel of that event.

No further comment necessary, I recon.

If you prefer still imagery, here is a short slideshow documenting the run-up to the festival and the performances. Unfortunately, due to delicate nature of the BINZ squat status and some of their restrictions, we are not able to publish here any wider views of this amazing venue. Please use your imagination. Or better still, visit the place yourself!

You can read more about the performing artists here:
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