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Saturdation #08

This episode has been recorded on 5th May, the Japanese Childrens’ Day. To celebrate that we’ve got a bunch of toddlers in the studio. Pure chaos. In the mix also: what falling meteoroids have given us over the ages, how to chew an eternal bubble gum (true story!), bacteria smarter than an average politician.

Saturdation #07

The latest Saturdation touches the subjects of: parasites inside artists, new technical toys and apps for gadget lovers, problems with football hooligans’ population and what is the preferred meat for the nationalists.

Saturdation #06

In this episode we discuss Polish sportsmen, Russian oligarchs, Pavlov’s dogs and brainwash techniques.

Saturdation #05

In today’s show, specially for Easter: giant eggs from the White Eagle for the Euro 2012 Championships, supplying Vatican with mould, cardamine getting high, secret airports for Warsaw, auditioning moles for tv talent shows, and how to grow a new generation of Polish screenwriters and songwriters.

Saturdation #04

Another beautiful weekend morning finds Pawel Piechowicz i Mateusz Kraszewski discussing surrogate materials, polish military programme, and explain how to use mental leaps.

Saturdation #03

The new episode of Saturdation, recorded in Cafe OTO in East London. We talk about solar wind affecting Earth and what music to play to our kids. Wladimir Putin’s past, present and future is also discussed.

Saturdation #02 with Joaquim Barreto

In the second edition of Saturdation podcast, we’re speaking to Joaquim Barreto, a London-based filmmaker and photographer, about his new feature film project “Violent Edge”.

Saturdation #01

The very first episode of our new show! Mat and Paweł have left the comfort zones of their home studios and took a plunge right into the chaos of urban reality. On a warm February Saturday morning, drinking their coffee in Cafe OTO, they discuss the latest world issues, analyse poetry, and wonder how Polish TV soap operas are received by alien civilizations.

Nie wszystko na raz #17

Bottomlayer Radio has hit a bit of early summer laziness… But here comes a new episode of our show, discussing small LCD screen implants to rewind your life, new smartphones that wrap around your body, communication between limbs, and home archaeology for beginners. It all ends up – rather unexpectedly – with a delicious meal.

Nie wszystko na raz #16

March has come so here is a fresh episode of our show, dedicated to all about the month of March. An exclusive interview with the world’s largest stork, shocking stories about Gorals (Polish Highlanders), recent activities in Libya and developments on the building site of the new stadium in Gdańsk. Spring’s upon us, time to purge ventilate our brains!!!


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