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Saturdation #18

In this edition of our show, we relate to the latest events on the World stage, those inspired by the presence of H. Spirit (name retained), as well as those completely unholy. Finding the lowest common denominators for the full spectrum of ideology and technology, we try to create a comprehensive and practical guide for all those thinking of starting their own church.

Saturdation #17

The Bottomlayer Radio team back together. We welcome Kuba Kristo on his return from Jupiter area and Mateusz Kraszewski on his return from internal emigration. In today’s show we discuss fertility rates, older people’s dillemas and we try to predict the outcomes of the coming papal conclave.

Saturdation #16 (live from Europa moon)

In this absolutely special show we talk to our very own correspondent Kuba Kristo, who has managed to infiltrate a top secret colony of ex-politicians, set up some time ago in deep oceans of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. We reveal some unknown facts and uncover a true global conspiracy…

Saturdation #15 (special)

Today we are digging in our radio archives to give you a special piece of audio, recorded one dizzy morning in August 2012, on a Norwegian airport.

Saturdation #14

Time’s upon us! The end is nigh! So in this episode we present the best ideas how to survive the end of the world. Plus Christmas wisthes.

Saturdation #13

In the latest edition of the show the main subjects are: black maket, barter in micro- and macroscale, Polish technical thought (pickled), F. Chopin’s heart in iron, analogue internet built by moles and dissidents, scratching ankles in Moldova, mould attacikng the Ministry of Defence, and many other.

Saturdation #12

The first show after a long holiday break. We’re slowly overcoming the paralysing summer heat and switching our brains from STANDBY to ON. What did we discover in the beach sand, and what in the lake mud? Unexpected holiday discoveries, prehistoric Polish culture and how it has been represented on the ancient Olympic Games. Additionally, we present some highlights about the new Bottomlayer Radio season.

Saturdation #11

The show recorded in the middle of summer. Conspiracy theories about fridges, what ozone does to people and an extensive summary of Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, with all the unusual aspects reviewed.

Saturdation #10

A little different than our average show, as the recording happened on a weekday, in the evening and on a rooftop in a veg garden. A profusion of people, noise, discoveries and emotions. Chinese satelites, kidney stones, tv schedule, and other.

Saturdation #09

New forms of declination. Czech colonies in Nigeria. Illegal mining for dog corpses. Nail-cutting devices in 19th century. Juices of atheism. Bulbs of conformism. Oldest Poles. Trilobites. Due date. Urban myths about hamsters. And much more!


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