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Thrifty Car Hire Agreement

(iii) any subsequent or indirect damages, losses or costs incurred by Thrifty, including recovery costs, cost of recovery of the vehicle and loss of vehicle re-rental capacity and loss of potential revenue, 6.1 If you are a member of the blue chip, you must ensure that all information and personal data provided for your blue chip subscription are provided on request , are true, accurate and up-to-date at all times and if there has been a change, it has been updated in your blue chip profile via the www.thrifty.com.au website. Information that needs to be updated includes: a) your billing and home address; (b) your phone number and email address; (c) your billing preferences; (d) driver`s licence information; and (e) your credit card data. Thrifty Car – Truck Rentals is a leading car rental group in Australia with a network of franchise and corporate sites. Our goal is to meet your car rental needs at every opportunity and make the experience as simple as possible. Your contribution as a customer informs what we do and how we do it, so that if you feel that something is working well or could be improved, please www.thrifty.com.au us on our contact area on our website so that we can guide you to the right area of our business. (b) if the vehicle is in a dangerous or unfit condition, which occurred during the rental and causes or contributed to damage or loss, and if the tenant or driver must know or know the state of insecurity or driving of the vehicle; LDW does not apply if: (1) the tenant uses the vehicle in violation of the rental agreement; (2) the tenant fails to remove the keys or close and lock all windows, doors and trunk, and the vehicle is stolen or destroyed; (3) the tenant did not inform us and the police immediately after the loss; and (4) the tenant does not pay the cost of the tenancy agreement; or (5) other exceptions, as authorized by applicable national or provincial law. Thrifty does not rent entertainment chains or roof beams. Damage or loss to the vehicle caused by the use of snow chains and roof beams is not covered. This ability to book online does not constitute a contract to provide vehicle rental services. A contract is concluded at the time of the tenancy and is subject to the laws of the rental country. A prepaid rental reservation with a certain value is accepted as a means of payment for the payment of the booking fee at the rental counters.

The booking must be accompanied by a credit card, both for security and to cover non-booking values, such as fuel, extras and deductible in case of damage or loss of the rented vehicle. A pre-authorization of the credit card is taken to cover excessive costs and other additional charges at the time of the rental of the vehicle. Thrifty UAE`s terms and conditions apply. Additional surcharges may be incurred for all rents (for example. B for special equipment, additional drivers, young drivers, optional insurance, fuel, salik, fine, etc.). All rents are covered by a surplus of insurance, optional insurance is too available. Licensed driver: a driver who has been registered and registered by Thrifty for driving a vehicle, either in the rental agreement or by prior written agreement. (a) The tenant may refuse this offer and enter into his own insurance agreements if he wishes, but these must be approved by Thrifty.

If Thrifty is not satisfied that the tenant`s insurance is comparable to the insurance agreements under the insurance policy agreed by Thrifty, which must be purchased with an independent third-party insurance provider (the policy), Thrifty may refuse to lease the vehicle to the tenant.


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