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Safe Pi Objectives Agreement

The information presented in these statements must be specific, clear and concise. A proven method to ensure that the objectives are correct is the application of the SMART rules. SMART is considered specific and measurable, accessible, relevant and time-shortened. Your rules are described as follows: All new targets added after ip launch will be treated in the same way as stretching goals when calculating scores. The added goals do not contribute to the expected score, as they were not part of the sentence set, but they contribute to the final results. The calculated predictability value shows that even for an evolutionary plan, the team still provides predictably. Creating IP team goals is not trivial. It requires reasonable estimation and planning, well-understood speed, analysis of future features, definition of stories for the Backlog team and finally the grouping of information into simple business concepts that can be understood by anyone. There is another important thing to remember when considering the relationship between IP features and objectives: features are assertions and assumptions, not formal requirements. They are requested and are not told – pseudo-goals – and no agreed objectives. We have seen a lot of confusion in the context of the use of IP targets; Confusion that often occurs: During IP planning, teams check program vision and new features and plan the stories they need to provide.

In doing so, they also identify their specific team-PI goals. If business owners are not sufficiently engaged to “accept” the objectives in this way, product management must accept the objectives as they are achieved and business owners evaluate them according to the IP system demonstration under the Inspect and Adapt. The commercial value is assigned, not calculated and serves as a typing for performance considerations. Many of the team`s goals offer direct and immediate value to the solution. Others, such as Enablers (for example. B advances in infrastructure, development environments and quality initiatives) accelerate the creation of future business value. All of these factors must be weighed in the final balance sheet. When goals are set during IP planning, business owners jointly assign business value to the team`s various objectives in a personal interview.


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