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Hud Agreement

In addition, the city and the monitor will hire an external consultant to “closely review nyChAs` systems, policies, procedures and management and personnel structures and make recommendations to the city, nyCHA and monitor to improve the areas studied,” the agreement states. The preliminary agreement – reached by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development NYCHA and the U.S. law firm – will replace NYCHA`s acting president and CEO Stanely Brezenoff with a new leadership and will call upon an independent monitor that HUD and federal lawyers will choose to keep the housing authority at very strict stages. Please note that as of March 1, 2017, all requests for data from the Family Options Study or the Fair Housing Opportunity Study (MTO) will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies. HUD no longer accepts applications for data agreements for these datasets. For more information on the bid, click here. The agreement prevents HUD from having to bankrupt NYCHA, which was a concern of supporters (see Memo 17.12.18).

Instead, HUD and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) will appoint, after consultation with nyCHA and the city, a federal monitor that will be chosen “on the basis of merit.” The agreement also contains detailed requirements to address past problems related to mould, elevator failures, parasitic infestations and heat shortages. The U.S. District Attorney`s Office and NYCHA reached a settlement agreement last summer that would have imposed similar rules, including a federal monitor and specific funding for repairs. But the deal was rejected by a judge in November, and since then, the idea of bankruptcy administration – a full takeover of NYCHA by the federal government – has been reissued as a way to pull the fighting authority out of a hole. Figure A of the agreement provides details on the requirements for solving lead-based paint problems. Within 30 days, NYCHA must identify all developments built before January 1, 1978 (which were removed from the market as lead-containing paint) and the units incorporated into it, called “Lead Paint Units.” NYCHA must establish an “immediate action list” that identifies a subset of units that NYCHA has reason to believe are occupied by a child under the age of six or are routinely visited.


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