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Daycare Employee Confidentiality Agreement

LES ECN may disclose certain aggregated anonymous data and transmit it to suppliers, funding sources and government authorities, either for market research and statistical purposes or to ensure compliance with agreements between the NCE and its suppliers, funding sources, government authorities and other similar organisations. In some cases, ECN may share personal and identifiable information about clients with its directors, senior officers, employees, officers, lawyers, advisors and representatives, all of whom have been alerted to this Privacy Policy and advised to abide by their terms. Staff members shall be informed of this Directive that they do not discuss or communicate confidential information with organisations or persons outside the Agency, unless this is relevant for case management and is implemented in accordance with this Directive. This information is therefore “confidential” and we must ensure that we respect our confidentiality procedure and do not disclose this information. This information must be stored securely when it is based on paper or electronics. If this is verbal information that we have received in the region, we must be sure not to applaud or spread the information. In summary, any information provided to you, which you may not have been able to know as a member of the public, is likely confidential and should be treated as such. With the exception of the above, ECN does not sell personal and identifiable information to third parties and generally does not pass it on to outside agencies or companies without prior authorization. ECN does, however, transmit certain information to county human services officials or other government agencies and/or funding sources if disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary in its agreements. Similarly, the ECN may disclose personal data to certain agencies or authorities, in accordance with applicable law, rule or regulation, or in response to requests for information or documents pursuant to judicial proceedings, investigations, subpoenas or other similar procedures, if the NCE considers, at its discretion, that such disclosures are appropriate or necessary in the current circumstances. In such cases, the ECN shall endeavour to disclose only such information as it deems necessary or appropriate to disclose.

If ECN believes that there is a serious risk to a child or adult, ECN reserves the right to transmit information to an appropriate location. The ECN will generally recommend the source of the information to contact the relevant agency directly and, where appropriate, will offer assistance. . . .


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