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Carrier Service Agreement

The above obligations include, but are not limited to compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations for: transport of dangerous goods (including licensing and training of Haz-Mat qualified drivers), as defined in 49 C.F.R. § 172.800, § 173 and § 397 et seq. Without the express written consent of Convoy and the Shipper, they may not intercede, co-communicate, subcontract, assign, or authorize any of their obligations under this Contract to be fulfilled or a shipment offered under this Agreement to be carried by another third party carrier or by any other alternative means of transport. If the carrier violates this provision without restricting other rights of Convoy or the shipper, the carrier remains fully liable, under this Agreement, as if it had carried the shipment on vehicles operated by its authority for the rental vehicles (including liability for loss and compensation of the load, including the obligation to defend the acts and omissions of the carrier and its contractors: (2) the State Aid Committee and the State Aid Committee. The Carrier acknowledges and agrees that, where a third party claims Convoy or the Shipper with respect to shipments offered to the Carrier for carriage under this Agreement, Convoy may pay such third party directly and is not required to pay the Carrier in respect of such shipment. Convoy has the right to deduct the amount of the payment made to this third party with all funds due to Convoy as a result of a breach of this provision by the carriers. In addition, Convoy has the right to assert and recover from the Carrier all damages, including consequential damages, accidental, incidental and indirect damages resulting from a breach of this provision. 11. PAYMENT OF TAXES 11.1 In return for the provision of services by the carrier under this agreement, Optimise Logistics pays the carrier the corresponding fees for the shipment. The Carrier acknowledges that it has the right to offer the carriage of shipments requested or received through the Service as a leased engine carrier in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You represent and warrant that you are authorized by FMCSA as a leased engine carrier of ownership in intergovernmental commerce pursuant to 49 USC §13902. With respect to the transportation services provided under this agreement, including all drivers you use, you must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, and regulations….