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Improv-electro hiphop coming your way

Now here is a disturbing piece of news.

Apart from recording their regular radio show Saturdation in the messy environment of London’s arty cafes and urban rooftop farms, Mateusz and Paweł have recently opened another front of their ongoing aural blitzkrieg with reality.

Something started bubbling up under the surface during those long and hazy days of Summer 2012, and soon after the first (rather surprising) sounds began to emerge. Trying not to let the heat and general inertia take over, the Bottomlayer team set up a home studio in July and started with random, quite desperate shouting at the world. What followed were some semi-autistic observations of contemporary human condition from Paweł, delivered with his well known hopelessly introvertic sense of humour. All this married with trademark naive electro tunes and happy yet disturbing textures delivered by Mateusz (as Call Me Back), suddenly started merging into something rather surprising.

And there you have it. A recipe for disaster. Or just some lame electro-improv poetry with a twisted hip-hop agenda. Or probably both.

So far about eight tracks have been recorded, with a couple of them already published on Mat’s Soundcloud board. The subjects include:
1/ how hopeless your life is when you’re a forty-something living in an allotment shed on the outskirts of a Polish town and having to deal with summer hay fever;
2/ escaping the profusion and emptiness of current reality;
3/ major difficulties in socializing of a young physician scientist sexually abused in his childhood;
4/ dealing with an annoying client from Mombasa, Kenya, while being haunted by some childhood memories of helping mum in the kitchen;
5/ why, even though you call your university Alma Mater, you still need to supply yourself with dairy products for an exam?
…and many other.

As you can see, it’s all going scarily right for Bottomlayer Records. Let’s just not screw it up at this stage. Let’s not loose the plot…


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