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Bottomlayer Radio resurrected!

Dear all, in case you haven’t noticed – spring is upon us. And what’s more, this time it comes with a BANG! (Sonic one.)

Yes, after an unimaginably long hiatus Bottomlayer Radio is finally resurrected. We appear back on global virtual air with a new show! And it gets interesting here, as in search for new triggers we’ve decided to leave the comfort zone of our home studios and dive right into the chaos of urban street reality. The new show is recorded every Saturday morning from a selected spot in London, and it shall be announced to the world under the name “SATURDATION”. That loosely translates to Polish as “SOBOTAŻ”. Currently our chosen place is Cafe OTO in Dalston. So you can listen to those familiar voices of Mateusz Kraszewski and Paweł Piechowicz every weekend, as – sipping their morning coffee – they speak to chosen inspiring individuals, explore the possibilities and happily reconfigure reality.

All as you know and love (or hate) it, yet completely different. Random intriguing background noises and events included! Tune in, feel the new air…