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The summer comma is (almost) over!

A personal message from Paweł Piechowicz, the founder of bottomlayer.

Yes, one thing is true with us – we definitely do not create an ADHD type of blog here on bottomlayer.

We try to make sure every bit posted is always well-crafted, well-thought, meaningful (unless otherwise intended) and at least remotely informative (unless otherwise intended). Hence, the pace and regularity of our messages does not always match the frantic tempo of current reality and all its developments. I understand this simple fact may sometimes leave you disappointed, dear readers, especially those of you who try to check out on bottomlayer.org more regularly.

This summer has been no exception. Although an amazing spectrum of events have unfolded in our humble little universe, we yet again spent more time and energy creating and spotting those patterns in chaos, rather than reporting and describing them to you. And the more we got engaged in the actual side of reality, the more neglected the virtual one became. In fact we have barely updated the blog at all. And with a number of technical glitches that occurred on top of that, rendering our audio archives and new radio shows unavailable since May, the web platform has slowly sunk into a lazy summer comma. Which has misled some of you into thinking the whole bottomlayer concept was falling into permanent neglect and disrepair.

So here I am, assuring you: this can not be further from truth.

In fact a couple of weeks ago we were hit by a chilling wind of change, slapped in face by sudden necessities and rinsed by a cold shower of some new tall orders. A clear sign that the Summer comma was quickly coming to an end.

And so we are back! Full steam ahead, and with a number of new projects unfolding, which will for sure reshape a decent chunk of our messy reality. Expect new radio shows, new events, new releases, and something bigger then ever from bottomlayer coming your way very soon!

Just you wait.


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