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Official video for “No LCD” premiered

It looks like the Crashed Disco Balls’ propaganda train is rolling on relentlessly, fuelled mainly by the paranoid and prolific brain of Kuba Kristo.

Just a couple of days ago I gave you a brief info that Kuba has created his little plasticine alter-ego and is in a process of shooting a stop-motion video for “No LCD”, a stand-out track from Crashed Disco Balls’ debut album, released on our own label as a download on 1 September.

Today I am happy to announce that the film has been finished in a record time! This truly is a work of obsession, dedication and completely trash approach… Just see it and judge for yourself. Hopefully, for those of you who still haven’t done it, this should also be a trigger to listen to the whole album and download it right here [1].

But enough words, ladies and gentlemen. The time has come now to immerse yourself in dark, paranoid, plasticine post-human reality!

official video for NO LCD.

starring: Kuba Kristo, LCD, Happy Bird
production: Kuba Kristo
directed: Kuba Kristo
scenography: Kuba Kristo
costumes: Kuba Kristo

made in sept. 2011, Gdansk / Minoga Bar