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Nostalgic Baltic

Last night I could not fall asleep. I was watching some old photographs from the albums covered in dust, recalling my peaceful childhood I spent in the small fishing village. I had all the pictures from my travels in front of my eyes and realised one more time that all my life is somehow strongly connected with the sea.

I always loved to stare at the waves. That was awakening my dreams and creating new inspirations. For hours I could observe the seagulls hunting for fishes. As a kid I was dreaming to become a pirate and travel around the world. I wanted to stay close to the forces of nature. When I grew up I started to work on the huge cargo ships but the reality had not much to do with the childish imaginations. I resigned from the sailor’s career, but the pictures and extraordinary adventures I experienced during my time on the sea remained. I travel as often as I can, I change the places for life and the fascinations but I always tend to come back to the Baltic’s waterfront. It gives me the sense of peace and inspires me to go forward.

I decided to make a short stop motion animation about my emotional relationship with the sea. I started it right away the same night and finished it early morning next day. Song “Baltic” composed by Mateusz Kraszewski was the instant choice to add a sonic dimension to this project. “Baltic” triggers the tempo of the animation and flows stable just as the Baltic waves.

I hope you will enjoy “Baltic”!

Kuba Kristo

The animation is a collage of over 3200 pictures. Locations include Kuźnica, Władysławowo and the Baltic sea.
Production: Kuba Kristo 2011

The background music theme is called “Baltic” and it comes from the album “The Noise That Pain Makes” by Call Me Back. The album has been released earlier this month on Bottomlayer Records.
You can download the full album here:

download the full album (mp3)


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