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New branding and website for Yelena Loguiiko, by Diffusion Studio

Yelena Loguiiko’s autumn/winter 2010-2011 collection was widely acclaimed by European magazines including Elle.co.uk, Vogue.com, Collezioni, Time Out and The Evening Standard. Vogue described her pieces as “elegant daywear with an edge” and pointed out they had been positively received by members of the LCF press show audience, among them Jane Shepherdson, Colin McDowell, David Downton, Diana Vickers, Edith Bowman and Harold Tillman. The garments granted Yelena an award for Design and Technology which added to the stream of success characterizing the start of her career.

Diffusion Studio created the visual identity and website for Yelena’s up-and-coming label, with work still under way for the Yelena Loguiiko online shop. The graphical style is meant to communicate class and grandeur, with a feeling of exclusivity, but on the other hand retain sophisticated simplicity and understatement.

Have a browse around the site, and if anything happens to catch your attention, feel free to contact Yelena for stock availability! We have already been sporting her huge furry hats all winter and from now on will be watching Yelena’s every move…

www.yelenaloguiiko.com [1]