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Diffusion Studio late nights: Beijing Subway

A couple of weeks ago I have come across a story about 5 new subway lines launched in Beijing on one day only, 30 December 2010. This piece of news was quite mind-blowing and almost unbelievable, even taking into account the Chinese speed of progress and infrastructural development.

After some further research it turned out that the story was indeed slightly exaggerated, as the spans opening were only short suburban sections of some future parts of the network. Still, the notion of a wildly expanding Asian metropolis and their super-ambitious plans for rapid transit system proved exciting enough for me to keep exploring deeper.

Here is a map I have discovered on one Chinese blog, and have subsequently reworked to show where we are now and where we should be quite soon. Is it paranoid, or is it just China? It seems like the system as I remember it from my first visit to Beijing in 2007 will soon be considered almost medieval history.

Originally by 1990131ymr. You won’t find madness like this on Wikipedia.

Beijing Subway network as of mid-2010:

Beijing Subway network as it should look in 2015:

The ultimate projected layout of the network (2050?):

Extreme, beautiful and Chinese. That’s how we like it… If you fancy even more radical visual awe try Google image search for “北京地铁”


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  1. Very nice maps? what is the blog where you found the data? is the one of 2050 purely speculative?

    Posted by zousi | March 2, 2012, 10:56

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