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Crashed Disco Balls & Mateusz Kraszewski going to the beach with the synthesizers

Lucky enough to handle heavily synthesized Polish language? Then listen to this as an introduction:

For some time now there has been a musical dialogue between Crashed Disco Balls and Mateusz Kraszewski. It all started in May 2010 when the Pleistocene project came to life in London. The main core of the group are Paweł Piechowicz, Mateusz Kraszewski and me. We have had some exciting sessions in Dollis Hill Studio, than a few gigs (Apocaliptic Garden Party, Danziger Electrizitat, Binzfest). Usually we were involving some guest artists (Pauline Rafal, Adi from Egoresistance, Konrad “Ksadhu” Zientara). Among other one-time projects like “Gdansk Po 22”, we have been also remixing each other’s work. In June we went together to Krzeszna, a small village in Kaszuby, where we recorded a few new songs.

Step by step we realised the cooperation is going so good, that it would be really nice to play our songs live together! We didn’twait too long for this oportunity. Ula Wasilewska, who is organising a small festival named Swelina – Ecological Guest House of Culture invited us to play on the 23rd July on the beach! It’s going to be something different from what we’re used to, more picknick style than a regular gig, more organised than illegal, but still wild and spontaneous. There will be a number of surprises and guest artists on stage with us. Prepare for a vintage sounding, quite naive but romantic electro accompanied by the sound of the sea waves…

The show will take place on 23 of july, by the Swelina River on the beach of Sopot. We will play at 10pm.
Supporting artists: Enchanted Hunters, drewnofromlas. Afterparty: dj_late.
The event is being organised by Grupa Swelina.


And here is a little taster for you – the latest piece of music created in Krzeszna, Poland by the Crashed Disco Balls / Mateusz Kraszewski tandem.


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