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Bottomlayer Records is HERE

Several years in planning, several months in preparing, but hopefully it will all be worth the wait.

The time has come, the situation has matured, the moment is now.
We are starting our very own label: Bottomlayer Records.

As you are probably aware, for years there have been numerous energy streams flowing in the bottomlayer universe which mysteriously forced us to more or less randomly produce noises, sounds, nursery rhymes, acoustic terrors and various other aural imponderabilia. These somewhat chaotic occurrences sooner or later had to amalgamate and create something more rigid, structural and organized.

And this is hopefully it.

Bottomlayer Records aims to gather, tame, systematize and, eventually, supercharge those numerous musical sparks oozing around. We want to regularly put together and publish music, noises, sound projects, aural experiments – both successful and failed ones. Our releases will take a wide spectrum of formats – from web download-only packages and online experiences to the traditional, physical objects. Short runs and customised mixed-media artefacts will be favoured. Collectables will be manufactured. Money will flow!

From the starting day, Bottomlayer Records will be the home for our own acts and projects: Crashed Disco Balls, Call Me Back, Mateusz Kraszewski, Pleistocene, Formacja Ciąża. As things develop, this list will hopefully expand beyond the point we can imagine today…

All our releases will always get extensive coverage and promotion through the bottomlayer.org platform. Whenever possible, we will try to publish the music under a Creative Commons license, so that the sounds can be released to the World in one form or the other, and start their own free life out there.

The starting point is 1 September 2011. Watch out for the noises coming your way!



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