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Bottomlayer Press is Here!

I am proud to announce that the fertile brains of Bottomlayer have conceived and brought to life a new offspring: Bottomlayer Press! So far members of the Bottomlayer collective have developed two publications: “Kropki” (“Dots”) and “Cholewa Podbija Świat (Do Góry)” (“Mr Bootleg Takes on the World”), but we feel that lots more will be coming in 2011 and beyond. We, therefore, launched Bottomlayer Press to underline our strong connection to the printed word!

Does this mean we are trying to escape the building wave of digital books? Quite the contrary, we are excited about the developments in e-book technology, but our books go beyond the obvious formats seen in bookshops, they are often bespoke pieces, one-off’s or short editions, hand-bound in a variety of fabrics to emphasise the influence of the tangible aspects of a book on the experience of reading and discovering the story before us. We believe a book is more than a container for words, it is an entity in itself and its look, feel and smell can become inseparable with its content. Don’t we all experience a tingle of excitement and mystery when walking into an antiquarian bookshop and turning the frail, yellow pages of the books we find? Walking into a second-hand technology store and looking through old, unwanted kindles just isn’t the same thing. So even though digital publications are great for travel and storing heavy space-consuming encyclopaedias, we still believe in the BOOK!

Keep watching our website then, as we are planning to release some beautiful printed objects very soon!


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