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Call Me Back – The Noise That Pain Makes [BLR002]

album: The Noise That Pain Makes
by: Call Me Back
release date: 13 September 2011
cat. no.: BLR002

release notes:

written and performed by Mateusz Kraszewski except: track 4 – lyrics by Kuba Kristo; track 8 – written by Kuba Kristo, redone by Mateusz Kraszewski, vocals by Gosia Krasowska, solos by Kuba Kristo; track 9 – lyrics by Paweł Paulus Mazur.
album art by Paweł Piechowicz @ diffusion studio.
track 10 contains a bonus.
many thanks to all actively or passively involved.
published by Bottomlayer Records, London/Gdańsk 2011, cat no: BLR 002
this material is published under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

download the full album (mp3) [1]