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From the bottomlayer archives: The story of Dots

The roots of dots as (boldly speaking) a new genre in written language date back to now-legendary hazy days of May 1999, to the über-creative environment of a small Polish village of Krzeszna. It was there where the first six of them came into being, during a sudden stroke of enlightenment experienced on one rainy day by the usual creative duo of Mateusz Kraszewski and Paweł Piechowicz.

However, we had to wait almost 5 years until the challenge of writing more dots has been taken on. Between May and August 2004, this time in South London, another 94 of these short forms were created, bringing the total number to exact one hundred. The little occasion has sparkled an idea for a limited-edition book that would compile the whole bunch in a precise, numbered, quantitative approach, without any quality-selection or critical scrutiny.

After moving back to Poland and several weeks of preparation and designing, in December 2004 Mateusz and Paweł managed to publish the book in Warsaw. This was a truly exclusive short edition, and has been swiftly distributed among friends and other people interested in the project. After all stocks have cleared, it quickly became a rare collectible item and acquired an almost-legendary status.

Now, for the very first time, bottomlayer gives you this original volume as a virtual publication. Here you can browse the whole book, studying every single dot from #001 to #100, and immerse yourself in this thick world of obsession, paranoia, dadaism and death. Obviously, all in Polish.

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