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Crashed Disco Balls get a decent look

Now, you may not be aware of it but Kuba Kristo’s main music incarnation for the last few years has been his solo project Crashed Disco Balls. Playing mainly live experimental sets in post-industrial areas of Gdańsk Shipyard and collaborating with a number of both local and international artists, he has managed over time to develop his very own retro-feel electro sound, ranging full spectrum from (dare me say it) soft sentimental pseudo-romantic ballads to radical and chaotic noise structures. CDB’s main set of instruments include Roland SH-09, Juno-60, Korg Echo SE300 and, above all, Kuba’s all-time favourite The Polivoks (russian: Поливокс), a legendary Soviet piece of wiring producing probably the most unimaginable sounds the human ear has ever heared. Among his influences, Kuba lists bands and projects as varied as Depeche Mode, The Cure, Sonic Youth, OMD, Human League on one side and The Normal, Front 242, DAF, Wlochaty, Ladytron, Cybotron, The Faint, Egyptian Lover and Villa Rosa on the other. He describes his music as psychedelic / thrash / minimal dirt’n’rock.

So that is a bit of background information for you.

The big news is that, upon his imminent move to Switzerland, Kuba has decided to call it a day for Crashed Disco Balls and wrap it up as a project. As he puts it, this has always been a Gdańsk-based initiative, formed here and hugely influenced by the city’s people, places and spirit.
To accompany this big shift, and also for a proper noisy good-bye to Gdańsk, Kuba is compiling some of Crashed Disco Balls’ best bits he has recorded over the years, to put them out as an album.

Diffusion Studio has been working on some artwork for this release. The cardboard sleeve graphic is meant to give a feeling of rough approach, soviet [unwanted] heritage and post-industrial spirit of the semi-abandoned shipyard, but also some strange lyricism and softness you may encounter in the most unexpected places.

The CD is planned for release later this year, and obviously bottomlayer will be bringing you all the news about the progress!

You can find more about Crashed Disco Balls here: myspace.com/crasheddiscoballs


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